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What to expect from a Naturopath’s Consultation?

Updated: 7 days ago

We all want to turn to Naturopathy - the drugless system of treatment, but our mind keeps questioning ‘what happens when we visit a Naturopath’. So, if you have been suffering from a condition that just refuses to go away and are planning to go the naturopathy way to find a remedy, here is what you can expect at the doctor’s office.

What is Naturopathy?

A science that believes that the body is affected by disease due to the misalignment of the various elements and the build-up of toxins. A person falls ill due to the build-up of toxins in the body which are the root cause of all diseases. So when it comes to diagnosis, a naturopath has to root out the reason for the problem. The basis of a treatment plan is to treat the condition right from the root and not the symptoms alone. This method of treatment helps resolve the disease and any other underlying reasons for it, thereby eradicating it completely.

What does the diagnosis involve?

Naturopaths diagnose a disease in terms of morbidity in organs, issues that might impede the proper functioning of the body and diagnose the condition based on the case history of the patient and understanding the patient’s lifestyle. This is important, as through this a doctor finds out about the person’s diet, amount of exercise they get, sleep cycles, other habits and emotional state. Apart from this a naturopath will also examine the patient’s eyes, especially the iris, his/her pulse, tongue, nails and face (also known as facial diagnosis). In some cases, lab tests and a radiological diagnosis might also be necessary. Once we have all this information, an effective treatment plan can be put together.’

How long should I take treatment?

Most people look for a quick fix and often think that naturopathy is a slow-working form of medicine. But this is not at all true, if a person follows a naturopathic treatment plan judiciously and makes sure to stick to the prescribed lifestyle, he/she can feel the changes from the first week itself.

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