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When do You Know Your Body is Unhealthy !!

Updated: Apr 2

Do you always Wonder !!!

When is the time to meet A Health Expert!

When should I change my Lifestyle!

Am I Healthy!

Here are a few Signs Our Body gives to tell us we are not Healthy:-

  1. Tiredness or Fatigue - Have you started feeling tired and fatigued lately, sometimes you do not feel fresh even after a Nights Sleep, feel sleepy over the day or even slightest strain in work makes you feel tired. These signs should not be ignored.

  2. Indigestion/ Constipation/Disturbed Bowel Movements/ Bloating - Changes in your daily food habits, are you eating the same regular food but now it doesn't feel it digests. the Stress and Lifestyle has started effecting your Gut Health

  3. Falling Sick/Catching Colds - It's a sign when you are getting frequent Colds, Fevers. It means that the body is getting deprived of Vitamins & Micronutrients

  4. Pains/Headaches - Lack of Sleep & Wrong Posture during Work leads to irrational Pains

  5. Unexplained Weight Changes - Without any specific reason or major dietary changes, you are loosing weight or gaining Weight

  6. Changes in Sleep/Mood - Disturbed Sleep, Bad Dreams, Head Heaviness, etc,

All the above Signs should not be ignored. Consult a Naturopathy physician for Lifestyle & Diet changes, simple Naturopathy Treatments, Yogasanas to be followed, Before these signs lead you to Disorders.

For Appointment Contact

Dr. Anjali Sharma

Shuddhi Naturopathy Clinic


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