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Post Holi Skin Care in 3 easy steps

Updated: Sep 14

Enjoy the festival of colours without worrying about your Skin. These 3 easy steps will act as a shield against the chemicals that can harm your skin. But before that remember to apply coconut or olive oil all over your body before Holi.

  1. WASH-After playing wash your face with a paste of Besan (gram flour) + Rose Water or Curd. Scrub your skin lightly with this paste and then leave it on for 10-15 mins.

  2. SCRUB - Make a powder of Black Gram (Urad Dal) or Green Gram (Moong chilka), mix it with a few drops of any cooking oil and water. Rub it well in circular movements all over the skin. Wash it and repeat.

  3. FACE PACK - Take a slice of Papaya and mash it up with half Banana & half a Tomato, Make a fine paste and apply it over your face, neck, hands and any areas of coloured skin. Leave it for 20 mins.

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