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The Significance of Women's health

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

One topic which we least discuss in our households is the health of the women in the house. It is a matter of discomfort for a girl or a woman to discuss their periods or issues during the cycle. We may have progressed as a society but when it comes to a woman’s health we often turn a blind eye. The reasons are:

Social Reasons- The woman is the Primary Caregiver of the family members, that's why if they are healthy then the family is healthy. Whether a working woman or a housewife, they work 24/7 in fulfilling the needs of their family. But we often forget to reciprocate the same thing. We forget that it's equally important to take care of their health as well.

Emotional Reasons - Women are not able to vent out their emotions and feelings while playing the role of a caregiver. Women begin feeling lonely, suffocated and pressured when they do not have anyone to talk to and share their feelings with. This often leads to hormonal issues, headaches, migraines, depression etc.

High Risk - Women are prone to high risk of breast cancer, ovarian & uterus cancers, heart disorders, migraines etc. Small health issues and problems should not be ignored. Women always place others' health and household issues before their needs. Daily health issues are often thought to be a result of fatigue because of work.


- Healthy Diet

- Micronutrients in diet

- Adequate Exercise

- Pamper yourself once a week

- Speak to a family member or a friend

- Follow a hobby or do something you enjoy

- Practice Pranayama and Meditation for a relaxed mind and stable mood.

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